This slideshow documents Malindi’s Journey: The Forbidden City Project. Please feel free to post comments or questions. We will continue to add photos as the project progresses.

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4 Responses to Photos

  1. Linda Krupp says:

    This is brilliant work. It is a pleasure to see it. Congratulations to you, Alicia, and to everyone who had a hand in making this happen. And congratulations to the children who participated and once again discovered the joys of learning.

    • aliciaahc says:

      Thank-you Linda for the comments. I say it takes a village to educate a child! Without the collaborative effort of the educators, artists, BPS administrators/department directors, advisors, followers and school staff, and the students, this work could not have come to fruition. I thank-you on behalf of everyone involved.

  2. Joshua Schulze says:

    The project is impressive and demonstrates that learning outcomes, especially language learning, can be met through inquiry projects that are meaningful and of high-interest to students. I am inspired by your work.

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