BPS Paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals are an incredible resource at Boston Public Schools, working directly with students of all abilities to support teaching. Malindi’s Journey: The Forbidden City Project is an example of the variety of roles paraprofessionals play in schools. One of those roles, Co-Teaching, is modeled by BPS paraprofessional, Carla Johnson, who is working with New Teacher Developer, Alicia Carroll. Ms. Johnson, who works at the Ellison/Parks Early Education School, was a former staff member at the Mission Hill School. Together, she and Ms. Carroll work with students in the MHS Extended Day learning program.

George Cox, Director of the Center for Leadership Development, works, supporting Paraprofessionals to become fully-licensed classroom teachers. Click here to visit the new BPS Paraprofessional Website.

Students draw pictures to add to the Word Wall in the hallway. Carla Johnson, BPS Paraprofessional and former MHS staff member, assists the children.